hen parties

Hen Parties all love gorge walking. It is a fantastic way to get to know everyone and as a team bonding activity it is second to none. 

what we offer

All our gorge walks are run by our highly experienced qualified guides who are particularly chosen for having a good sense of humour and an understanding of what Hen Parties want from their outdoor activities.

We offer discounted rates with Hens going free for any Hen Party that books our gorge walks (minimum group size 10).

We can also recommend great group and bunkhouse accommodation that will cater for you and your Hen Party in the style that you expect, including communal dining areas and very comfy beds.

We operate on 6 different gorges across Wales and the Brecon Beacons so there is usually a gorge you can do only a short distance from your accommodation.

activities to suit you

Each of the gorges is completely different. Some have jumps, some have small wormholes to crawl through, others have waterfalls that you can climb up and some even have an abseil involved.

We can provide your group with all the excitement and fun you could ask for but always ensuring that you are kept safe and secure. To ensure that everyone enjoys themselves, all of the elements in our gorge walks (the climbs, jumps etc.) can be walked around so no-one has to miss out because they have are a bit fearful of some part of the walk.

We can also tailor your whole adventure weekend to suit you. You can mix and match all our activities to get the best Hen Party adventure possible.

Have a look at all the other outdoor activities that we offer, and choose the ones that would suit your Hen Party. Once you have got some ideas together, give us a call and we can give you a discounted quote and sort it all out for you. If you still aren’t sure what you want then call us anytime and we can discuss the best options for you and your Hen Party.

Hey, if gorge walking seems too strenuous then we can run a “Team Challenge Event” where your Hen Party is split into teams with each team competing against each other by solving puzzles, problems and challenges.

These can be anything from launching eggs as far as possible using some very basic equipment to being the fastest team to all squeeze a very dodgy sausage!

book now!

So if you want a fantastic Hen Party adventure with the highest quality gorge walking run by hugely experienced outdoor guides with a great sense of humour, then give us a call.

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